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Hi so I am really bad at this news update stuff! If you want more up to date

info go to Tim Sternat!

Here is a picture of my guitar artwork I made in 2016!

Nonny and Linh both made it into the art!

Still working on more art for it, so if you are a girl I have known or not known;

 please send me naked pictures of yourself for the chance at being included!


 I had a heart attack in 2011 at 49 years old feels like yesterday!


The Big Life Sucker Sucked the Life Out of Me! Oh yea I had a heart attack. I died

 twice and came back to life (Jesus only did that once). 3 days in the ICU and 10 days

in the hospital. Clove cigarettes are finely cured of smoking me!  

Here is a art piece I made while I was bedridden!

Life Shit on Me, but I had an Umbrella!