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 The Holy Books 

As opium turns to smoke I divide from the physical world to a ghostly existence. I adventure off to another planet inhabited by two distinct groups of people. The first group is very small, rich and powerful. The second group is very large consisting of commoners convinced they are free. The elite maintain their control by a propaganda- filled police army. Searching through the slaves I find one who is very strong in the belief that things are going to change. I share his body with him and he thinks I am voices inside his head. I assure him that I am not and that I am god and created the universe. I also tell him I have come to free the commoners. All the slaves believe this because they want a change and all of the elite do not because they like things the way they are. To convince them all of this tale I become a foreseen plague killing a considerable amount of the elite governing class. This convinces everyone my tale is true and I tell them there is a heaven and when they die they will go there. Very little changes although it seems very vast. The sheep are raised in an exploited version of the vision I left. Through out their lives their bodies manufacture the essence of their soul and when they die they will their refined soul to me. Their bliss nourishes my existence. My stop on this planet is through, so on with my travels through the rest of the universe. With millions of planets to explore I take on bodies now simply to enjoy.



Translation of a lost Aleister Crowley poem

By Factor E