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Factor E






Tim Sternat is many things to many people and known by many names Factor E ... Time S Cape ... NONizm777 and who knows how many more? ............  


 Dj at KPFT The Center of the Universe Show Houston: Spent most of my time altering my chemistry ... studying ... writing poetry ... tripping out to San  Francisco to hang at the Jimmy Hendrix electric church


Owner Of The World Famous: Timeless Studio!


My Bands!

Master Speakes  Tim, Eric and a cast of thousands 

Their is Know Time S Cape Factor E aka Tim Sternat Just another incarnation of me!

Primordial Soup  Tim, Beth, Debbie and a cast of thousands!

Esoterica Landscapes Heaven

Ure Thrall's Cruor   Ure Thrall, Jim Wilson, Bonnie McNaren, Factor E aka Tim Sternat      

Esoterica landscapes 7  EL7 Factor E (Tim Sternat), Jim Wilson Bonnie McNaren ... Sound scapes with words a legend in their own minds. Releases an lp Hokman Nistarah on Anomie Records with the famous A. C. insert.

Pleasure Center Tim aka Factor E, Linh and a rotisserie. Released Ergo on Rainforest Records with proprietor extraordinary Ray woods!

NONIZM777 Tim Sternat, Janna Wachter, Adelaine Blais

A Boy and His God Machies  Factor E aka Tim Sternat


1992-now     Awefull Records and  President and owner